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Klassieke zeiljachten  

Naast de Ronde- en Platbodemjachten en de diverse restauratieprojecten over de gehele wereld, varen er ook wereldwijd diverse Klassieke zeiljachten met de blokken van Ording.

Mutuari Laut

After a long correspondence with various architects and comparing the pros and the cons, my choice fell on a copy of an ancient Schooner, for smooth sailing and with a lot of comfort.
The definitive architect became, of course, nobody else than Dick Zaal from Hoorn.
Rigging and sailing plan: Peter Bosgraaf (formerly working with of Gerard Dijkstra), who had won his spurs earlier at the sailing plans etc. of classic ships. 


Het schip “Fiona” is gebouwd en ontworpen door de beroemde ontwerper William Fife III in het jaar 1935 in Fairlie in Schotland. Het behoort tot de 6 meter klasse. Het schip is in 2007 in Workum gerestaureerd.

The ship “Fiona” has been build and designed by a famous designer named William Fife III in the year of 1935 at Fairlie in Scotland. It is a special class named 6M class.


A replica of a little 1889 cutter designed by William Fife Jr.
Clipper bow, outreaching counter with a shallow archboard, narrow beam with a midship section only one remove from her plank-on-edge forerunners and a powerful jackyard topsail gaff rig to drive her marvelous!


De 'Palma' is ontworpen door William Fife en gebouwd door Rockport Marine te Rockport Maine. Dit schip behoort tot de 6 mtr. klasse.

The 'Palma' ship has been designed by William Fife and build by Rockport Marine at Rockport Maine. Also this ship belongs to the 6M class.


De Lelantina is in 1986 geheel gerestaureed en sindsdien regelmatig te zien in het Regata Circuit in de Middelandse zee. Het schip is ontworpen door John G Alden en gebouwd door Abeking & Rasmussen; Lemwerder, Germany in 1937.

Lelantina was restored back in 1986 and has been a regular on the Mediterranean regatta circuit. The ship has been designed by John G Alden and build by Abeking & Rasmussen; Lemwerder, Germany in 1937.


Het schip “Priscilla” is ontworpen en gebouwd door King, H.& Sons te Pin Mill in 1932. Het heeft een tonnage van 09 TM (Thames Tonnage).

The ship “Pricilla” has been designed and build by King, H. & Sons at Pin Mill in 1932. It has a burden of 09 TM (Thames Tonnage).

HCMS Oriole

The HMCS Oriole (KC 480) is the Sail Training Vessel of the Canadian Navy based at CFB Esquimalt in Victoria, British Columbia. She is a 31 metre sailing ketch, currently the oldest commissioned vessel in the Canadian Navy, and also the longest serving commissioned ship.


Islander is an auxiliary ketch, whose history spans 72 years. Holder of a solo round the world navigation record, she still has the wherewithal to win regattas on the classic boat circuit in the Mediterranean. Product of George L. Watson’s company, one of the most renowned yacht designers of all times, Islander has returned to the ship yard to recover its creator’s inherent design.


"Artemis" is one of the last remaining large yachts from the zenith of classical yacht architecture. Her constructor, the shipyard of Summers & Payne in Southampton was one of the most famous shipyards during that time. In 1913 Summers & Payne was merged into the world-famous and still existing shipyard Camper & Nicholson.


Auxiliary three-masted schooner, steel, 1990, powered by 1 x 16 cylinder 2000hp Caterpilar diesel.
Rigged as a topgallant schooner, Baboon is a modern reproduction of a classic Swedish trading schooner. Het luxurious interior includes seven cabins that sleep a total of 14 guests, and she is chartered extensively by Tradewind Cruises from her home port, Monaco.


AMADOUR, Année 1938, Type Côtre Bermudien, Architecte Lomakine

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